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Truecaller Premium Crack + MOD 12.46.6 2022 [Gold/Pro Unlocked]

TrueCaller premium torrent

Truecaller Premium Crack 2022 is a simple application for the smart and fast phone. It comes with notable features including caller ID, flash messaging, call recording and caller ID feature. Truecaller Free offers chat and voice over the Internet. The service required users to provide their mobile phone number to access this ghost application. The Truecaller Premium mobile app also allows you to search further from the phonebook, block unknown calls. Identify incoming calls and provide feedback by location and time, as suggested by relevant contacts. You can quickly call a number if you do not have the name on the phone number. You can block unwanted calls from telemarketing companies and spam callers.

Truecaller Premium is the name of an alternative caller for Android phones. You have this option to change the environment of your android mobile phone with the default application. With this app, you can communicate with your contacts and have a list of millions of phone numbers that users have filled out. It allows you to search beyond the phonebook, identify unknown incoming calls, block calls you don’t want to receive, and make relevant contact suggestions by time and location – so you never have to leave the service to find the right contact.

Truecaller Free Download Crack 2022 Full Version

Truecaller Premium is the name of an alternative marker for Android phones. With the default app, you can change the environment of your Android mobile phone. You can interact with your contacts and have a spam list of millions of phone numbers filled in by users. With Truecaller , no other phone numbers are sent for SMS ads or calls. The app provides a nice dialing environment that allows you to make any phone calls or block incoming calls and messages. You can also record calls, record calls in the cloud, and use many other useful features.

Truecaller premium , developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB, finds contact information for a worldwide contact or telephone number. It has an embedded caller ID service that provides calling and social networks to update the image directory. and birthdays. The client is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Series 40, Symbian S60, Firefox, Tizen, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone.

Truecaller Premium is a mobile application specifically for smartphones that lets you know the names of unknown numbers not registered in the folder. If you want to receive a request for an unknown number, you need to select this application.It not only recognizes unknown and irritated callers, but also blocks them. You’ll see the names of the people you’re calling with pictures, even if they’re not registered to your contacts list.

Truecaller Premium free download for android

Truecaller Premium Crack will not download your contacts publicly. This will make it easier for you to make calls and use SMS. You can also find out when your friends can talk freely. You can also follow someone on Twitter and send a tweet about a real caller. It is the only best-looking phone app you’ll ever need, and the community-based spam list includes over 200 million users.

Truecaller’s premium is the most popular and sophisticated application that allows the user to identify unknown email / spam email addresses. You can also use this application as an SMS application. Millions of people use this application for different reasons and with different benefits. This application is essential for security reasons. You can also record calls automatically with this application. If someone on your phone threatens you, you can record the call, look up the name and address of the contact person from the fraudster, and file a complaint against him at the police station. At the time of publishing this application, many goods had been sold, ranging from 30 to 5,000 RS for each product. Thanks to the fantasies of this application, they are downloaded by a million people in one day. Truecaller is now available in the Google Play Store.

How to get truecaller premium Crack for free 2022

Although smartphones offer many features for entertainment, such as photography, games, and document writing, there is no denying that making calls is a key feature of a smartphone. If you make frequent business calls and need a more professional calling program, you should try Truecaller .  Compared to similar apps in the Android Store, Truecaller has a relatively high price tag. Instead of paying once like other programs, Truecaller forces users to pay monthly. But against it, it’s really worth your money. The app has a user-friendly interface, high compatibility with multiple devices, and it supports advanced useful features.

If you do not want to use the paid version, you can still download and use the free version. The free version of Truecaller comes with advertising and also has fewer features than the premium version. However, we believe that it meets the basic needs of users. Of course, you can still use Truecaller Premium for free. Because we offered you the TrueCaller Premium Cracked. To use the premium features for free, you just need to download and install it.

Truecaller premium Free Download

You can search the web worldwide for any amount due. The Truecaller allows you to easily copy the number form to any application and website. You can also connect with people through name search. With this powerful and practical phone app, you can quickly throw and follow someone on Twitter. All of these phone features make your phone smarter. It delivers operational business search results with a single click. This award-winning smartphone app does not upload your phonebook online. Supports 3G internet and WiFi. This useful and fast phone application is easy to use and ready to install.

Truecaller Premium Cracked designed and developed True Scandinavia AB software. This high quality application is a good quality and well-known marker for Android phones. Finally, you can use this app to communicate with anyone in the world. Beautiful and usable interface provides efficient and fast service. You can also call any number or block a contact and message. You can also record a call conversation. Keep track of your speech with cloud technology.

This software also pays for free on Google Playground. Millions of users use this application to make calls. Download this app without add-ons and many other amazing features. It acts as the best caller and automatically records all phone conversations. However, this feature is not available in the free version. Comes with a premium version.

Truecaller Premium Key Features : 

  • The best real caller in the world can identify unknown numbers
  • Furthermore, block telemarketing and spam calls
  • Also, can trace the unknown name comics
  • Flash messages, emoji and share location
  • Also a large and secure database of 2 billion contacts
  • Records are requested automatically through this app
  • Also, can access full information about anonymous visitors
  • Finally you have full authority to blacklist and whitelist lists
  • Perfectly block unknown numbers, annoying callers, services, receivers, unwanted permissions AND telemarketing.
  • A user can pass a survey to find the name or number of particular people
  • Support multiple languages ​​for users
  • User can send SMS and also call directly from this app
  • Finally you can see your friends list when they are free and talk to them

Features of Truecaller Premium

As I mentioned earlier, the truecaller premium apk has unlocked all the features. Below, I highlight some of the unique features of this mod. If your favorite feature isn’t listed here, just comment and I will add it to our list.

Who saw my profile

Truecaller provides this great feature as you can see who is looking for you in the truecaller. There are two ways to search for people i.e. by name and number. The best thing is that your private data like email, address, and the individual number are not visible to the user. Also, they can only send you an order if they also have a truecaller bonus.

Whenever someone searches for your name or number on truecaller, you will receive a notification saying “Someone has viewed your profile”. You can see the person’s profile by opening the notification.

Icogonite mode

This feature is useful when you want to view the profile of any unidentified user without alerting them. This means that premium truecaller Crack users will have more advantages over non-premium users.

You can always control what information you want to be publicly posted by using the “Privacy Center” option in the settings.

Free ads

Ads are the main reason why I always use the paid version of any app. It’s frustrating to show ads during important work.
In the premium truecaller app, you will never encounter an issue like this.

Unlike the free version of the app where you get a lot of ads, you can enjoy an ad-free experience in the premium version.

The Distinguished Truecaller Badge

If you are the one who wants to stand out from the crowd, this feature is only for you. This is a premium feature, but you get it for free in truecaller mod apk.

You’ll get a premium payment on your caller ID that will give you a professional look every time you make a call. You can use this feature to impress your friends by showing them the professional caller ID.

More contact request

As we know, every time we search for someone by name, we have to ask them for complete information like private number, email and address. In fact, this is important to keep user data safe from hackers and spammers.

You get a limited number of connection requests, or you can win some for free from your profile option. But by using the premium truecaller Cracked app, you will get unlimited call request feature for free.

Spam blocking

This is the most important feature of the premium truecaller app, as it will get rid of unknown spam calls and spam SMS. Truecaller automatically determines all unknown messages that you receive on your Android device. In addition to that, it automatically blocks unwanted calls and SMS from telemarketers.

This is the only all-in-one calling software you need to keep your Android device safe from unwanted calls and only allow you to call important people.

What’s new in Truecaller Premium 2022 Cracked?

  1. Improved speed including loading app and phone call history
  2. Updated SMS infobox
  3. Fixed bugs that slow down the overall performance of the app
  4. Finally, more updated and advanced features
  5. For the next contacts new features have been added
  6. Optimize speed and overall efficiency for chat
  7. The improved and updated call recording, caller identification and instant search features make this application a powerful marker in the market.
  8. The new, neat and usable interface makes all phone recordings and dialing so easy and enjoyable.
  9. You can do everything directly from the app.
  10. You need to try this incredible, safe and super fast calling phone.

TrueCaller premium cracked


Below I answer some questions that many users have asked regarding the premium truecaller app. If you think I haven’t answered your question, you can comment. I would like to solve your inquiry.

Is it safe to use truecaller hack apk?

Yes, any app you download from Thinkers is 100% safe to use. Personally, I check every modified application for bugs and viruses, and after passing all checks, I upload them to our servers.

How does It work?

  • Truecaller works on the principle of crowdsourcing, in which data from millions of users is collected and analyzed to obtain accurate information from someone.
  • If you do not have any technical knowledge, it seems magical to search for the name of anyone not registered in your phone book. But for a boy obsessed, this is normal.
  • When you install the premium truecaller Crack app, it automatically syncs your phone book contacts with your server. This means that all of your contacts are stored in its database. It has 250 million active users whose contacts are synced with truecaller’s servers.
  • So, every time you are contacted by an unknown person, there is a good chance that the person’s number is saved in any of the 250 million contact lists.
  • And this is how you get caller id from unknown people.

How do i delete my number from truecaller’s servers?

Below is a step-by-step guide to deleting the number.

Step 1: Go to the truecaller list removal page by clicking here.
Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number with the country code.
Third Step: Click on “Do Not Include Phone Number”.

  • Without 24 hours, your number will be deleted from truecaller’s database.

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How to install Truecaller Premium Crack?

  • Download Truecaller APK Premium from the download button
  • Extract the file and install Truecaller Premium
  • Now copy the crab file to its main folder
  • Done ..! Enjoy


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